The flue serves to convey the fumes resulting from combustion from the inside to the outside. It is usually made of brick or stone, although recently metal pipes have also been inserted.

The chimney flue is made up of three specific parts:

  • Smoke channel, for the evacuation of products resulting from combustion
  • Flue or fireplace
  • Chimney

The materials used to make the flues can be construction or metallic. On the market you can find:

  • Brick flue: has good heat resistance and must be covered with insulation
  • Steel flue: it is impermeable to gases and condensation and resists acids and temperature changes.
  • Flue made of refractory material: resists high temperatures, gases, acids and condensations and is an excellent insulator

The flue fittings connect the fireplace to the flue and must have a not excessive inclination, without sharp edges or bottlenecks. They are usually made of aluminized steel and insulated with rock wool or similar.

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