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How does shipping work?

Once the shipment has started, you will receive an email with the tracking code of your product, from there you can monitor it step by step. When the product has arrived at its destination, please follow the instructions below:

  • The product DOES NOT HAVE any visible damage Mark the delivery note with a GENERIC GOODWILL RESERVE (you will have 14 days to check the perfect integrity of the product in its packaging)
  • Does the product HAVE visible damage? Sign the delivery note with SPECIFIC CHECK RESERVE (specify the nature of the externally visible damage)


Remember that you can track your shipment via the tracking number sent to you by email.

Need more information about your shipment?   

  • Send an email to spedizioni@aziendaproietto.com with your order or invoice number.
  • Call now +39 080 622071 with your order or invoice number.
  • Text now via Whatsapp to +39 320 381 1418 with your order or invoice number.

PROIETTO ships via the following couriers:



Delivery times vary depending on the brand of the products purchased; they are on average 6/7 working days from the moment of receipt of payment for your order; consider that, for payments by bank transfer, the process is not immediate: the time it takes to verify receipt, from the moment you make the transfer, can be 24/48 hours. If you are in a particular hurry, we therefore advise you to request payment by credit card, which can be verified immediately. Any delays with respect to what is indicated may be caused by impediments encountered by the courier, PROIETTO will not be held responsible for delivery times longer than those indicated. In the unfortunate event that your goods do not arrive in time, write us an email or call us directly, we will provide you with the courier's contact details so that you can contact them and find out the status of your shipment.

Delivery of goods of any size and weight is always by the roadside; "porterage work" is not included in the service, i.e. delivery inside the home and delivery to the floor. Bulky goods travel on pallets and are transported and delivered on large trucks (e.g. Iveco Daily tarpaulin trucks), equipped with hydraulic tail lifts for easy unloading. In the event that the destination address makes delivery by these means impossible, e.g. due to rough or narrow roads, gravel or dirt roads, please inform us BEFORE placing the order/confirming the quotation, so that we can properly organise and avoid any possible inconvenience during delivery (we work for you). If you fail to notify us, the shipment will be blocked and you will be charged for any surcharges due to the use of special means or you will be asked to collect the goods from the carrier's warehouse, with no possibility of reimbursement of the transport costs incurred.

In the event of hindrances and difficulties during delivery, due to lack of communication prior to purchase, PROIETTO may charge the Customer, prior to re-shipment, the costs of redelivery and storage of the products.

Returns for reconsideration

Do you want to return the product? Here is the procedure.

Has it been more than 14 working days? We are sorry, but we cannot accept the return of the product.    

Hasn't 14 working days passed yet? Email spedizioni@aziendaproietto.com to inform us of your decision.    

Prepare the product for shipment, preferably in its original packaging. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.

We can organise the collection of the return, with amounts varying up to several hundred euros in case of several pallets of goods OR you can organise the return shipment with your courier.
In this case we recommend that you insure the shipment. The return has arrived at our office/warehouse, where it will be inspected for integrity.

 Once the integrity of the return has been verified, a refund will be issued, in the manner in which you paid us.

Depending on the condition of the return, we reserve the right to refund all or part of the amount.  

RETURN WITH REPLACEMENT? If you wish to replace the returned product, indicate us the product you are interested in and we will ship it to you and credit/debit you the difference in price.

Returns for warranty


The law stipulates that the purchaser is entitled to a two-year legal warranty that can be invoked against the seller in all situations where the product is defective, not working, different from what was ordered, or different from what was described in the advertisement.

LEGAL WARRANTY THIS IS WHAT IT COVERED: repair or replacement of the product as described below: We are official dealers of all the companies we represent. Should you find a problem with your product, within 2 years from the invoice date or the date of the first start-up carried out by the Technical Assistance Centre, you will be entitled to make use of the legal warranty on the product.

HERE'S THE PROCEDURE: Tell us the problem with your product and, if possible, the invoice number and date. You will be contacted quickly by our technical team who will explain how to solve the problem. We will send you the official technical assistance centre of the brand you are interested in.

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