Finishes are essential for finishing and completing an interior architecture project. The floor is a decisive element for the final result and has a crucial design role because it performs various functions: it not only uniforms the walking surface, but also contributes to the aesthetics of a space. There are many types of floors and coverings on the market, but basically there are two identifiable macro categories:

  • Indoor floors
  • Outdoor floors

Interior floors vary depending on the room to be covered. In the bathroom and kitchen, for example, it is advisable to use ceramic, clinker or stoneware floors, avoiding wooden floors. In the bedroom and living room, however, a terracotta floor or parquet will be the perfect choice. Outdoor floors cover the surfaces of balconies, terraces and driveways, which is why they must be drive-over floors. For the gazebo area, however, you can opt for parquet decking. The best sellers, however, are generally stoneware floors and ceramic floors.


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Cerdomus Pulpis Beige 60x60 cm 65412

CERDOMUS Ceramiche
€30.80 €61.60
Slip resistance R10: medium grip, for indoors and outdoors Application area: showers, pool edges Shades V3 - Significant variation in surface appearance, graphics and color from tile to tile and within the same tile Thickness REQUEST QUANTITY DISCOUNT TRANSPORT COSTS TO BE QUANTIFIED FROM TIME TO TIME
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