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HUBLOT 6 UP-TWIN Stufa a pellet ventilata

Small and compact pellet stove, with simple shapes, adapts to any environment. Its “porthole” door allows a wide view of the flame and is reminiscent of a wood stove. Door, top, grill and feet are entirely made of cast iron. Thanks to its reduced height and concentric upper smoke outlet, it is perfect for installation in an existing fireplace.

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Rated power: 6 kW

Fireplace power: 6.7 kW

Min/max heatable volume: 78/168 m3

Min/max heatable surface: 29/62 m2

Tank capacity: 10 kg

Min/max autonomy: 7/14 hours

Min/max hourly consumption: 0.7/1.4 kg/h

Nominal efficiency: 90%

Reduced efficiency: 91%

Reduced power: 2.8 kW

Net weight: 118kg

Pellet fuel: Ø 6 mm

Smoke outlet: Ø 80 mm

Combustion air intake: Ø 130 mm

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