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LUCE PLUS 9 CADEL ventilated pellet stove

Modern, compact, space-saving. Thanks to its reduced depth (only 29 cm), it can be installed in corridors or small rooms. Covered in metal: white, anthracite, light bronze and titanium. Flue exhaust: upper, rear optional, coaxial optional. Flexibility of channeling based on the need of the context. Equipped with a lower front grille for air outlet.

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Color : Metallo Bianco
  • Metallo Bianco
  • Metallo Antracite
  • Metallo Light Bronze
  • Metallo Titanium-Vetro

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Rated power: 8.5 kW

Fireplace power: 9.9 kW

Min/max heatable volume: 92/238 m3

Min/max heatable surface: 31/88 m2

Tank capacity: 15 kg

Min/max autonomy: 8/21 h

Min/max hourly consumption: 0.7/2 kg/h

Nominal efficiency: 89%

Reduced yield: 89%

Reduced power: 3.3 kW

Net weight: 95kg

Pellet fuel: Ø 6 mm

Smoke outlet: Ø 80 mm

Combustion air intake: Ø 60 mm

Ducting outlet: Ø 80 mm

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