ELASTIK Impermeabilizzante bituminoso

Elastik - Bituminous and rubber liquid sheath for universal use . Guaranteed for 10 years.

Water-based Bituminous Elastomer Liquid Sheath (Certified UV resistant)

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Water-based bituminous elastomer liquid sheath:

  • It is easy to apply by brush, roller, brush, trowel or spray
  • Adheres to all materials, even damp ones
  • Resists ultra violet rays and aging (certified)
  • Resists standing water
  • It resists low (–20°C) and high (+150°C) temperatures
  • It is an ecological product and is water-based

Ideal for :

  • Waterproof structures of any shape and material
  • Protect and seal metal surfaces, even rusty ones
  • Glue all types of insulation panels to concrete surfaces
  • Repair deteriorated waterproofing
  • Re-waterproof balconies and terraces without demolishing them
  • old flooring with ElastiK System
  • Waterproof bathrooms and humid environments with low thicknesses (1-2 mm).

10 year guarantee

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